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  • Have you ever wanted to know what went into your favorite cocktail?
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If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Cocktails are some of the most enjoyable drinks around, no matter what people say.  The ladies love a good cocktail, but the guys do too – even though they can’t admit it.  A great cocktail is better than a fine wine, a cold beer, or a glass of spiked punch. All in all, a cocktail is the perfect blend between alcohol, a refreshing beverage, and your personality in a glass!

Cocktails are for everyone…

What You Can Find Here

Here at, you will find just about anything and everything you could want to know about cocktails – even the liquors that go into cocktails!

Check out the right sidebar to get a long list of all the world’s most famous cocktails, and some original ones as well. All of the links will lead you straight to pages where you can find recipes to help you make your own cocktail, and you will find that there are even some nifty tips on how to make the best drinks at home!

If you are trying to find new and unique recipes to try, check out the list of all the drinks to be made with various types of alcohol – such as rum, vodka, whiskey, cognac, and even Tequila! You can find drinks from Japan, drinks that have been around for centuries, drinks for every holiday, and drinks to be served as aperitifs. There are even low calorie cocktails that you can make if you want to drink while on your diet!

If we don’t have it here, you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere else, so take a look through our list of drinks to find that perfect cocktail you’ve been looking for!


The History of Cocktails

Alcohol has been mixed with other beverages since time immemorial, but the true predecessors of the modern cocktail only came into being around the 17th century. Drink such as the Julep, the Toddie, the Sling, and the Fizzie were invented at this time, though there is no record of when the first Cocktail was created.

The first printed reference to ‘cocktail’ was found in a publication that actually gave the drink as a remedy to deal with hangovers, as the light combination of wine and juice made it a light buzz that takes the edge off the splitting head and dry mouth that makes the day after so annoying!

There are a number of crazy stories about where the name “cocktail” comes from:

  • Some believe that it comes from “the tail of a cock – or rooster”, as it is thought that the tail feathers were used to stir drinks.
  • It is believed that the many colors of the drink gives it the name ‘cocktail’, in honor of the multi-colored tail of roosters.
  • Some think that it is in reference to the fact that cocktails were made with ale left at the bottom of the keg – known as the cock tailings.
  • A story has it that the name comes from coquetel, the French word for egg cup – thanks to the fact that a Frenchman is believed to have mixed up these drinks for remedies and served in the cup.

Whatever the origin of the name, let’s hoist our drinks to whoever came up with the concept, as well as the many delicious cocktails that you can find here at Cocktail Hub! Cheers!